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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Kreg Keg Crate

The title is a bit of a tongue twister, but I like the alliteration. Mercifully, I spared us a cutsie — and unfortunate — spelling of crate with a K. And, well, it isn't even close to keg-sized.

After kicking around a number of ideas for my Kreg Jig project, I finally got my fancy sketches completed and everything measured out. Getting accurate measurements of various beer bottles was the trickiest part.

Typically, the Kreg Jig is used in furniture making and other large projects. What I wanted to show with this project is that the Kreg Jig can be useful for a woodworking hobbyist to make small things.

I encourage you to check out the videos on the Kreg web site and see some of the neat stuff you can do with it. I’m definitely going to be putting it to the test on picture frames.


  1. can you send me the measurements you used this wouold make a fantastic gift for a friend and I would love to make it. If you would send me the measurments to kc1_cox@yahoo.com

  2. Another great project. I've just completed the jewellery box you made with the contoured sides .... It looks great, thank you. My latest project is a larger box I saw on Norm A show. Keep up the good work, Steve.
    I just posted a link to your site from my blog at

  3. Steve,
    Great video...fun and entertaining/educating.
    My favorite part is when you used a jig made with a Kerg jig, to assemble parts make with a Kreg jig. Well done.

  4. Awosome project man! Well done. Do you have plans for it?

  5. Steve, I emailed you my address, could you send me the "parts bottles"? I need them for , uh, measurements, better send full "parts bottles" so I can get the proper length and I'll do some research on the length difference between new and used.

  6. I Like the mesure of the kreg part box.
    love to watch sorry for my english

  7. Can you email me the plan of the kreg crate

  8. Music montage is freaking hilarious!!!!

  9. I just got a Kreg jig and found this project while browsing around for ideas and love it. Would it be possible to have the plans emailed to me if you have them? Thanks again for the great video and project. Kgkmultimedia@gmail.com

  10. Gostei muito do video mas principalmente da ferramenta azul que utilizou para fazer a caixa, gostaria de saber o nome desta, e se encontro no Brasil. marcosweberrodrigues@hotmail.com