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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cool cubes

You've probably seen my cube-in-a-cube video. A great little project that seems to amaze folks.

Well, Jason Scheese just sent me these incredible pictures of his versions he made out of aluminum. Yeah, that's right: a cube in a cube in a cube in a cube! Click on these pics to see them in full size to really appreciate them.

Thanks Jason!


  1. That's very cool and very precise work I'm glad there are people in the world that have the skills and patience to do that sort of thing.I personally don't have either one. good stuff though. Thanks Jason and steve

  2. That guy isn't a "mere mortal"!!

  3. Great videos!
    David Springitt from England has written a book with the title something like Wood Wizardry where he does Chinese ball in a ball in a ball. One secret is to make plugs to fit into the open areas to stabilize the center piece.

  4. i especially love the one with the di in it.

  5. i have a question, in order to cube in a cube in a cube, in what order do you cut the cubes, smallest first, then the medium cube. or vice versa?