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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Designing the TV stand

Well, I've been spending the entire day working out the design for my entertainment center/TV stand. Haven't cut or even bought a single piece of lumber yet. You know, woodworking really is the easy part.

Here's what I've been working on today in Illustrator:

Doesn't make a lot of sense? Well, it's a top view combined with a front view. Nope, doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. I've measured all my components and figured out how big this needs to be, but still run into problems. This is totaly frustrating.

I keep reminding myself to keep it simple.

Well hell. Why should I spend the day in front of a computer when I could be cutting wood? Not sure. But what I do know it that when I have a frustrating day, nothing soothes my soul better than my favorite little 30 second tune from my teenage years. THIS is keeping it simple. Yep, '80s punk. Crank up the volume!


  1. Were the hell do you find this stuff?????????

  2. So, are those dowels supporting the front of each shelf?

    What are you planning to do for cable management?

    One other thing. If you need cables, get them from monoprice.com Best prices PERIOD. Good quality stuff too..

  3. Hey you should check out Google Sketchup (if you haven't already) I use it for all my projects anymore - very easy :)

  4. It is definitely worth the time to learn Google Sketchup!

  5. Illustrator! There are lots of Free (or extremely cheap) CAD programmes out there. I have put together a quick post for you:
    I'll up-date it if anyone has any more suggestions!

  6. Dr. Rock: Dead Kennedys? Hell yeah...well maybe they were just a Bay Area thing. Jello Biafra is heavy into politics now...he has run for mayor of Berkeley at least once. There's a surprise. I live in the weirdest place in America.

    Paul: Thanks for the list. I am determined to get with the program an learn some CAD.

  7. Yo..... Mr Mere Mortal: don't forget about the simple white sheet of paper or napkin for that matter and a pencil. I can't tell you how many guys go to sketch-up or whatever way to early in the design process. Let the pencil fly man.

    Also I've been wondering why few are designing to hang their flat screens........I'm tired of the what do I do with the wire argument.

    Have fun in the process.....Neil