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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More on the woodworking plan rip-off

As a follow-up to my article about the woodworking plan CD scams, I Googled and searched YouTube a bit more. Man, a search for "woodworking(the numeral 4)home" on Google yields about 284,000 results. It's kind of funny, because next to the search there are several ads for the same "14,000 Woodworking Plans" CD. They all sell the same CD, but are in competition with each other. I would make a wild guess that there are thousands of sites set up selling them.

I really wonder who the guy at the top is? All of the sites claim it is John Metz from Wisconsin. I suspect this is a fictitious name, but someone is making a lot off of this.

Interestingly, that same search, but narrowed to sites within the past few days (since we've been spreading the word), now has sites set up about  "how to detect woodworking scams"...which, of course tell you that there are scammers abound...but the safest thing to do is buy the 14,000 plan CD! Wow, these guys are quick. In fact, if you Google "woodworking scams" guess what sites show up? Yep. Woodworking(4)home.


  1. Better not be from Wisconsin because I live there and will find him haha

  2. I really, really hope they find this guy (guys) and put the max punishment on them.

    1. It's not illegal if they can somehow claim there are 14k plans.

  3. Wouldn't be hard to find them for some kind of law enforcement agency just place an order and have all the info they needed. They have to collect the money some how so they are linked to the bank account wouldn't take them 5 minutes to figure out who is selling it. Guess they just don't care unfortunately.

    This is the perfect example of why the stores are filled with so much junk people blame the stores I blame the people buying from the stores,Stores sell what people wanna buy and the society we have today they are happy to buy junk as long as it saves them the big green god aka The dollar bill.

    If people stopped buying cheap knock of junk people would stop selling it you cant sell something that doesn't have a market as long as there are people wanting to buy cheap made stuff to save themselves some of that glorious $$$ then that's what is going to fill the shelves and this is a perfect example.

    If there wasn't a market for this product there wouldn't be anyone selling it if people would just pay the $3-5 for a well made plan from a respected company/person then the people selling this garbage would be forced to sell quality made plans.

  4. Excellent points. You are right, the problem exists because of the buyers who don't stop to wonder why a real plan seller offers his plans for say, ten bucks each, and this CD has 14,000 for $49. It's like people need to take a class in critical thinking 101.

    Like all pyramid schemes, this one is almost impossible to stop. There are just too many guys trying to hawk the same CD and get others to do it. It may, of course, collapse under its own weight.

    For a really scary exercise, search for woodworking plans on eBay. Shudder.

    George Orwell wrote, "If there is hope, it lies with the proles." Stemming the tide of buyers is the main course of action we have to perhaps make a dent. Just be noisy.

  5. @Andy Get out your pitchforks and torches!

  6. I 've always been a little leary of the adds you know BUY EVERY SONG EVER WRITTEN for $10.00.My 1st thought when I saw the adds was that they would be plans for things like stuff nobody wants anyway. I think if we could just educate every one the best we could we could slow it down. I don't think you can ever stop it completely............Dr.Rock

  7. Ataboy Steve. Bust their chops about this.

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  9. Steve, I must confess I fell for this about a year ago, and it didn't take but just a few minutes to realize what it was. Since then, I get my ideas and plans from places like the Kreg Community, Lumber Jocks, Minwax, DIY Network, and you. I've also stopped going to the Big Box stores unless its an absolute have to, and instead go to my local Ace Hardware and a family owned lumber yard about 25 miles from here. I subscribe to Woodcraft magazine and the Handymans Club of America,bothof which have a wealth of information and plans available.
    Buy American means a whole lot more than Buy A Bunch Cheap.

  10. @Home loan remortgage Uh...the link in your post is exactly the kind of site I was talking about in this post. 16,000 plans? C'mon... The link on the site takes me to a .cz domain? You've certainly got balls.

  11. @Steve Thanks. Those are some great resources you listed. There is certainly a wealth of info for woodworkers today, but people just need to become savvy enough to sift through a lot of noise.

  12. If google knows they are crooked why don't google weed them out as well ? because it's all turned into the last man with a handful of cash wins no matter how the ill gotten booty was gotten theres enough blame to go around !

    I've gotten to the point I just give plans of mine away it's easier and cheaper than having to sue some schmuck for stealing my ideas.....

  13. I looked at some of these sites before I found your scathing critique. Two that come to mind both have 3 letter first names of the person selling the plans (ie: 'Bob,' or 'Tom,' although Bob's or Tom's were not the ones I found). Both have an 'E' as the middle letter (not 'O' as Bob or Tom do). One uses a photo of a person in his ad, and one uses a drawing of a person. Both sell 16,000 plans. Interestingly enough, the drawing image guy looks like a drawing of the photo image guy. Wow. "Co-inky-dink???