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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wood clogs

This is really cool. It's a Swedish video from 1923. (No sound, obviously) It's just mesmerizing watching this guy make wooden clogs with very basic hand tools. A true craftsman.

Here's a translation of the video description:

In the forest areas west of Borås was woodcrafts a regular chore. See how a pair of wooden shoes come to the King Säters parish and a wooden spoon and a chair in Bollebygds parish. The film was shot in connection with the Jubilee Exhibition in Gothenburg 1923

Thanks for passing on this find, Tim!


  1. Marvellous!

    Chris Schwarz should look at it to know what the "leg vise" really means. :-D

  2. Amazing. Steve, I see a pair of homemade shoes in your next video.

  3. Wow!! If he made the chair he was sitting in, it looked very sturdy. I bet that stuff lasts for many many years. Im throwing away my table saw right now...:-)

  4. That was some film!!
    That is what a skilled craftsman is all about,
    and did you notice the litle bit of humour in the film when the guy walked off in his new clogs? or had he had one too many!
    Thanks for sharing it.


  5. definately thank you for sharing this.
    this guy is amazing, i love the "post hole digger" scoop.