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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Make an infinity mirror

You may remember infinity mirrors from years ago. When I was a kid there was a store called Spencer Gifts that sold all sorts of crazy stuff. Black lights were really popular back then and I even had a couple of black light posters for my room. Plus, I had a colored light box that looked something like a stereo speaker. It sensed music playing and would pulsate colors in rhythm. And of course strobe lights. My room was like Saturday Night Fever.

I never had a disco ball though, or even one of those lightning orbs that would shoot lightning bolts to your fingertips. And I somehow never owned a lava lamp. Not sure if I even wanted one. But one of the space-age gizmos I always wanted was an infinity mirror.

Laney just made one and shot this video. Fun stuff. Thanks Laney.


  1. I totally had the black lite posters going on but that was about it. I have a lava lamp now but don't use it much. We had a Spencers at the mall too. I'd love to get a plasma globe someday. While I admired the infinity mirrors on display at the store I never really saw myself with one. I don't think Laney has to worry about his LEDs burning out for quite some time. A typical LED is good for 50,000 hours. Well, I guess that is only turning it on and leaving it on for almost 6 years. It'd probably go through a bunch of batteries by then.

  2. I would like you to make me one 18 in. H By 22 in. wide with white lights and hearts in it. I need this battery powered for a custom vehicle. Please reply to rvbvanassoc@aol.com

  3. Thanks for the video. We are making one similar and you gave us some helpful tips we hadn't thought of. Great woodworking also!

  4. I built one of these as a project for our living room. Instead of just a window, I did and entire door with frame. It was a bit expensive all and all, but it's a hoot whenever we have company over, they thinking it's a coat closet, and opening a door to the "Twilight Zone" instead.

  5. I like this.
    Thank you,