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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Folding stools

About two years ago I made a folding step stool and I have always had people asking for plans. Unfortunately, like most of my projects, I never make any detailed plans.

To refresh your memory, here is one that Robert Naylor made. (He also made the drill press table with vise I posted last Sunday)


Tim Barker took the time to strip down the instructions in my video and actually make a set of plans.  Download the PDF here. Thanks Tim!

Here's the video from November 2009:


Finally, I received a really special gift in the mail yesterday from 1st Battalion, 7th Field Artillery. It's flag that was flown in Iraq. It included a photo and document signed by CSM William Bauer and LTC Andrew Gainey. There was no note in the package, though. So if you sent this, let me know! I am planning a project for it to be posted on Veterans' Day. 11-11-11 this year!


  1. I'm sensing a flag display case project coming soon!!...lol.. What an awesome gift to get in the mail..

  2. Someone thinks very high of you! That is such a great gift and honor.
    Very Cool

  3. Awesome, keep them coming! More complicated than usual on this one, nice. Give us a tutorial on the nail/pin gun sometime!

  4. "I'll just go ahead and glue this on" (uses nails)

  5. What an amazing gift! Such an honor, you must have some very loyal and appreciative fans out there :)

  6. Great post and what a gift now we need to look at flag display cases to put that beautiful flag in

  7. My Son's made those folding chairs in high school woodworking class.... that was 25/30 years ago.
    Grandpa Bill

  8. Hi, Great project :D ! I 'm looking for the plan of this project :)

  9. Steve, For some reason the PDF plans say they no longer exist. Is there any way to get a set of them? I actually want to make a few of these at different sizes to use on my new patio.