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Friday, November 4, 2011

Make a wood chain

I really have no idea what use this chain might have, but it's fun to make and surprisingly easy. The key is making two simple jigs. Once those are made, you can crank out links by the dozen. Then figure out what to do with the chain!

You will need a flush trim router bit and a roundover bit. Make sure they are sharp: I had a difficult time keeping my dull roundover bit from burning or mangling the wood.

I got the idea for this project from The Router Handbook, by Patrick Spielman. I have a very old edition, but it has been updated since then. It's a good book, especially for beginners.

Porter Cable router

I've had some time to really test out my new router. You may recall that Porter Cable sent it to me after hearing of my old router woes. The 690LRVS is the first variable speed router I've owned. It has a 1-3/4 horsepower motor and two collets: one for 1/4" bits and one for 1/2" bits.  Not only that, but it's about half as loud as my old router. There is no question that Porter Cable makes sturdy tools.



  1. Have fun with your router Steve! Show some more router stuff I love it. Maybe a show on basic jigs one can make for the router and other tools would be GR8!!!! THANX AGAIN TOMMY JOE

    1. I second that, as someone who is such a beginner that I actually own a 1 3/4 hp router as my main weapon. A run-down of easy and useful router jigs would be awesome.

  2. Hey you could Always be the Ghost of Christmas Past for Christmas Jacob Marley " I wear the chains I forged in Life, I made it Link by Link"

  3. I have that book and the 2nd edition too. I also have his Router Jigs and Techniques book as well. Yard sales FTW! I pretty much buy every woodworking book I see when I am out there. Yeah I've bought some books two and three times. Gets tough after a while to keep track of them all. I don't keep the duplicates though.

    I'm looking at my garage bookshelves now and I'm thinking I may have to redo them because I'm about out of room now. Pretty bad when it is 3 shelves about 8 feet long each. They're not purely *all* woodworking books, some are about welding or construction, few electrical related titles. All workshop oriented. 3 DIY encyclopedia sets complete.

    OK it is a bit off the wall I'll admit it. That doesn't mean if I see some more tomorrow I'm going to pass them up though! I also collect electronics construction books too. But I keep those somewhere else. Both are challenging topics to find.

  4. That was pretty cool of that company to send you a new router. What was their name again...?

  5. @Bill Lots of companies can send you a new router. Only a few can send you a nice new router though.

  6. The product placement wasn't too obvious. I didn't even notice.

  7. I would say that the product placement was rather obvious - You even *almost* surpassed Marc in this video ;-)

  8. Loved this video, it made me laugh out loud - especially the 'P' and 'C' on your fingers.

  9. what kind of wood did you use? Im using pine it keeps braking