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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hearts, boards and a horse

Nighthawk sent over a picture of his version of my bent-wood Valentine candy box. He says it was a good way to earn bonus points with his wife and justify tool purchases. Read more about it on his blog.

Over on Facebook, Mark Martinez posted his heart. His first attempt at bent lamination.

Bill Wilson, always in the shop, tried his hand at his first cutting board. Since I've made my first, family members are putting in requests for Christmas!

Wanted to also show off some very creative pieces by Vincent Fulton that remind me of highly stylized cutting boards!

Finally, I wanted to show you a new woodworker making videos. This is 10-year-old Matthew Agate  from Placentia, Newfoundland Canada, who built a rocking horse as part of Marc Spagnuolo's Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity build. A lot of people built these horses, but Matthew has to be the youngest. Nice work Matthew! Looking forward to more videos.


  1. I Don't think my wife will let me do some woodworking on the dinning table ;)

  2. I really enjoyed watching you my little friend. It brought me back about 50 years when I was learning to enjoy making something on my own. I forgot how much patience was involved back in the day of me working with hand tools. You did a most wonderful job!!!