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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Starting on the router table fence

Quick update. Plus, I got a new switch for my ShopVac. It must have been a pretty standard size: my local hardware store had it. I love it when things I think will be a hassle work out fine!

Mere Minutes


  1. Makes ya kinda wonder where it's all going to stop don't it. I've been trying to put in a dust collection system and can't even afford to buy the pvc pipe it takes to run around the room. I guess thats why I have a broom.

  2. Steve, could you post some information on your lighting and reflectors for the video work? Maybe even do a video on them? ;-) TIA

  3. Looking GOOD!

    Y'know, you 'could' very easily reverse that switch on ur shop vac... DUH... ! LOL

  4. Steve, check out the "Flip-top, Benchtop Router Table" in the current issue of WOOD magazine (Issue 211 May 2012 don't know if it's in stores yet). They have a similiar clamp system for the fence that you found in the router book from the library. It looks a little "beefer" than the one in the book you showed. Thanks!

  5. Hi Steve, check out my fence for my router I recently made, I hope this helps for some of your ideas