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Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden cart, beer mug and a chess set.

Here's a great outdoor project. Brad Rumsey made this awesome garden cart using a lot of recycle parts. It looks almost too nice to use!

"I recycled a frame from a BBQ, metal from a bed old frame and wheels off an old bike. I did buy the wood (cedar fence boards) and the galvanized nuts and bolts."

Here's a clever project that Kevin Robbins ran across over on Instructables.com. A wood beer mug! I'd kinda like to try this out. Check out the entire article here.


Now, check this out. Michael Hedaux, 16, just completed this chess board and scrollsawn pieces. I have never seen pieces like these before. Absolutely incredible work.


  1. I would really like to know a source or two for a frame that I could attach a bicycle wheel to that would then be able to be adapted for use on several projects. If I just had a large enough metal rectangle with places in the center for the axle, it would be a start. Anyone ... Anyone ... Bueller?

    1. Could be why I own 3 different welders ... I can't see why you couldn't make a frame out of wood though.

  2. I drank some Burton Baton beer tonight that was brewed in wood. Biggest wooden vats in the USA right now, or so I'm told ....

  3. Nice chess set, too bad the video is private...

  4. I see only a cart and a mug. What chess set?