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Friday, April 26, 2013

Making a rustic picture frame with Dad

Every year or so my dad comes out for a short visit. Dad enjoys talking about woodworking and catching up with the changes in my shop since his last trip. We usually spend most of the time gabbing so I choose to take the week off as a vacation.

Not a lot of thought or planning went into this project or video. It was sort of like a couple of kids sitting around and one of them asking, "Hey, I know...you wanna put on a show?" In this case, I was that kid.

Dad is a little reluctant to appear in front of a camera, but more than happy to help out with a woodworking project. The funny thing is that he actually comes across quite natural on video. Mostly, it's a lot of fun to just spend time building something together. Doesn't matter what it is, the time spent together is worth it.


Rustic picture frame

I can't believe how much of that pallet wood I have from last month. I think I picked up about eight pallets and still have a large stash of boards. It's the free wood that keeps on giving!

The picture frame couldn't be simpler. Just a few rough-cut boards glued and nailed together. I saved the rusty spiral nails from the pallets and used them to give it an even more authentic look. Finally, I wrapped some sisal twine around the corners. The string gimmick is just decorative, but gives it all a hobbled-together look.

I decided to print out a vintage vegetable crate label for inside the frame to tie it all together. I think a picture frame should complement its content. A successful frame and picture might be viewed as a single object.



  1. Cute post! My dad passed a couple of years ago, but whenever we got together, we always ended up working on some project together. Good memories.

  2. Very nice. I also spent some time with my dad this week in the shop! Most of the time was spent planning and loading up wood from Home Depot for a patio furniture project. I grew up woodworking with my dad, lathe etc. & still love it today! Thanks Steve for making it fun & easy to continue learning. I want to try your chess board when I'm done with the patio.

  3. Steve that was great working with your Dad, the project wasn't important, just the quality time.

  4. You know...I think I like your dad's channel better.....by the way...did those pallets come from my driveway? Seem to be missing a few....hummmm....LOL!

    Seriously though...I loved it. I lost my dad when I was 13...I'm now 58. Enjoy and relish the time whenever you all are together.

  5. Cool episode.

    I never took any video of my Dad before he passed. I very much regret that.

    A perfect follow up to this episode would be to look around and see if you have anything around your house that your Dad built for you, or any project that you and your Dad built in the past, like when you were a kid.

    Bring back your Dad more often.

    What about your Mom?
    I bet she'd have fun helping with a more crafty project.

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  7. I lost my dad 13 yrs ago this video brings back memories, thanks Steve you are the best

  8. I find it hilarious that in that picture of the three men in your family, all three of you cross your arms DIFFERENTLY.
    Or did you plan it that way? :-)

    fun little project.