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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

YouTube woodworking spotlight: Izzy Swan

Izzy Swan began creating woodworking videos just a few months ago but is rapidly gaining a strong following. His focus is on building shop projects, jigs and creating all sorts of innovative homemade tools. Definitely a great channel for those of you who love to tinker in your shops and want to save money on tools.

I picked out a couple of videos to give you a sampling of Izzy's work. In the first one, he makes a bowling ball (wait, what?) on a table saw. Obviously this is something very few of us will ever try, but it's fascinating to watch!

Second, here is a fantastic tool he designed for disassembling pallets that he calls The Pallet Pal. Definitely looks like a great way to take them apart. If you'd like to download plans, he sells them for $2.95.


  1. Now that jig is very cool Izzy. Reminds me of when I was a kid and made a 1 speed Black and Decker drill into a lathe(mini lathe) This is the first set of plans of anything that I have ever considered buying! Great post Steve.

  2. Wow, I just watched the bowling ball video-that's really cool. He's got a lot of amazing jigs on his YouTube channel that I have to see.

  3. I want the plan for his bowl making jig!

  4. I made something similar almost 20 years ago. I made mine out of steel and I smack it with a hammer to pop the boards up. Same fork shape though.

  5. Steve, Ironically I found his videos on Sunday night and thought hey this is just the type of thing you should see. He has some really great videos and projects. I sat and watched a number of them.
    Thanks for posting these things and bringing all in touch with more woodworkers out there. I sometimes forget about the others out there doing similar when I am all alone in the shop.