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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Using printable cutting templates

I like to provide cutting templates with many of my woodworking plans. Templates make it easy to cut out pieces that would be otherwise difficult to measure and cut, especially parts with curves.

Here's a brief overview on how to set them up to print and attach to your work piece. I've also included some tips on using spray adhesive.

Mere Mini


Ask Me-Mo

And some answers to viewer questions. If you have any questions, Tweet them using #askmemo.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Make a garden hose hanger

Spring is a great time to get outside and make some projects for your garden. I have Peter Lindström to thank for the idea for this week's project. He used pressure treated lumber for his garden hose holder which should keep it in good condition for many years. He hung his on the wall using a french cleat so he could easily move it into the garage in the winter. 



I modified my version in a couple ways. First, I scaled it down a bit: Peter's is large enough to hold a 100' hose and I made mine to hold a fifty footer. Since it's smaller, I eliminated the lower arc, which looked odd at that size, and opted for a semi-circle shape. And I painted mine with exterior paint. And finally, since I use my garden hose year round, I just screwed the hanger into the wall rather that use a french cleat.