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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Build your own TARDIS!

I have had more people request that I build a TARDIS than any other project. I decided this week was perfect, since the new season of Dr. Who starts tomorrow!

This is the biggest project I have ever made for the show. It's not the most difficult though. In fact, this is a limited tools project you can make with just a few hand-held power tools. I recommend a circular saw or jigsaw for cutting sheet goods. A tablesaw would make this even easier. A miter saw would also be very handy: there are a lot of boards to chop into sections. I used a pocket hole jig for joining the pieces together. This also speeds up the process.

The entire TARDIS is easy to take apart and set up in about ten minutes. No tools needed. You will want to have a step stool handy though. It's pretty tall.

For tons of info on TARDIS building, visit tardisbuilders.com. 

For you Whovians, I modeled my TARDIS on the David Tennant version. Mostly because the roof is less complicated, but also because people often tell Wyatt that he looks like the Tenth Doctor. So it was fun to use him in the photos!

And of course: it's bigger on the inside!

Free plans: